MintarGames v2.0 - Spring Edition!

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Jul 27, 2019
Dear ladies and Gentlemen,

The MintarGames Management Team have been working hard as ever at getting a working version of MintarGames to be released before Summer 2020.
Since purchasing the rights from the previous Owners, we've had to: re-code the core infrastructure, including the Bungee Management, Database Management, Dynamic Server Management & more.

Below, are a list of screenshots of some of the feats we have successfully completed in the time away:

Server List MOTD:

The In-Game Dynamic Tablist:

The In-Game Store Menu that links you to our Buycraft:

The Donator's Disguise System:

An Honest but CUSTOM plugins List:

We do have many more features coded, however they are primarily staff based features, which means we shouldn't really be sharing them.
Please do expect more information to be released over the course of our development period. We are excited to release by the Spring Holidays!

MintarGames Management Team.
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