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Helper Application Guide

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Jan 16, 2019
Helper Application - Guide to Applying
Greetings MintarGames Community, in this thread you will see tips and tricks on how to make the perfect helper application for our network along with information you may need. We suggest reading this thread very carefully.

If you have any questions regarding the helper role, refer to the Helper FAQ HERE.

Application Process Information

Once your application is submitted, it takes around 2-3 business days for our Application Team to review it and either deny or sent the application to pending for an interview. If your application is set to pending you will receive a private message from an administrator requesting a date and time that you are available. If you cannot do the interview within 7-days of the private message you will be automatically denied and will need to wait a month to re-apply. Once your interview date and time is set-up, you will go through a series of interviews with different members of the Application Team. Each member will go through a different variety of questions with you to fully get to know you.

Lastly, the members of the Application Team will come together and review everything they have went over within these question times and vote on whether you will be accepted into the team or denied. If you are denied they will bring you into Discord and discuss what was wrong with your application/interviews so you have a better chance of betting the position if you re-apply. If accepted, you will be welcomed into the team during a welcoming party, along with the rest of the applicants that got accepted with you.

What to do when filling out your Application

When filling out your application, we suggest adding as much detail as possible so we fully understand who you are and what you are capable of. If you are having a hard time explaining a situation you may state, "I will explain in the interview" however we do not suggest doing that with every question because it will most likely end in your application getting denied.
  • Avoid too many unnecessary capital letters
  • Avoid bold and colored text
  • Use standard English
  • Spell check before submitting
Be Honest in your Application

The phrase "honest is key" greatly applies here at MintarGames. Our Application Team goes through great deals of research on applicants before setting their applicants to pending for an interview. Do not lie about past punishments because we will find out. If you would wish to explain a situation with the interviewing staff member you may do so. Please give an accurate representation of yourself because we do attempt to get in contact with old networks and services you worked for in the past.
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