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Jul 27, 2019
Helper Application Process
Currently as a Team of 3, we are required to split our resources equally between all of us.
This means that your application will likely have been seen - However, we may not reply to the thread immediately.
This is because we like to manage, what is called, "Recruitment Waves". This account will message you with your application status when we start the next wave.

Questions about the Application?
Take a look at our Application Guidelines: HERE


Application Questions:
1) Basic Information -
» What is your IGN?:
» What timezone do you currently reside in?:
» What is your current age? (You need to be at least 14 years or older):
» Do you have access to Discord?:
» Do you have a working microphone?:
» Do you have the ability to record?:
» Are you a donator? (This doesn't impact applications):
2) What experience do you have, in relation to being a staff member on a Minecraft Server? (Being an "Owner" doesn't count):
3) Have you been previously banned on any Minecraft Server? (This counts us, or even reddit "UHC" servers):
4) Which Gamemode will you primarily be found playing on?:
5) How would you handle the following scenario? - Player A is a new player and is asking questions in the chat. Player B is an older player, and knows the answer, but is harassing Player A for not knowing the information:
6) How would you handle the following scenario? - Player A has found a Hacker on the server, and has asked you to teleport to them. Player B however, is complaining that someone is playing "earrape" sounds in the Discord Voice Channels. Staff Member A has also asked you to punish another player on their behalf, to avoid them getting in trouble.
7) How would you handle the following scenario? - Player A is an older player and is talking to Staff Member A. You believe Staff Member A is assisting Player A in "boosting" their statistics.
8) What hobbies & interests do you have, outside of Minecraft and/or work/school?:
9) How available are you, to commit to the role?:
10) Is there any other information, pertaining to yourself, that we should know about?:
11) Do you agree, that from here on out, asking ANYONE about your application WILL result in it being automatically denied?:



» Do not give out any personal information within your application. The only information we will need for the application, has already been asked for. We will NEVER ask you for any more personal information than what is required.
» Sharing information pertaining to your application with ANYONE outside of the Management Team will result in the application being automatically denied.

MintarGames Management Team.
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