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News What have we been doing?

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Hello MintarGames Community,

It might seem like we have been very inactive and not working on Mintar. This is not true we have been hard at work in the backend trying to get Mintar ready for release.

Today I want to talk about somethings that have happened in the past few weeks.

First we will start with our new forums and store themes! These themes are not done yet though they are live on the sites. You will see things likes the ip on the banner is wrong. These will be fixed some point in the next few days.

We have also released a 24/7 music system you can stream here: https://mintar.net/pages/music/
I am going to try and make a discord bot to play the music as well and hook into the website, I will keep you updated. If you have songs you would like added to the playlist please DM me a download link.

You may have also noticed @nick#9121 here. He is the MintarGames artist and we will be seeing great things from him!

We will release a few cool leakz about what's to...

News What is going on with Mintar?

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Greetings MintarGames Community,

We do understand we have not been keeping you in the loop recently, but we can assure you we have been working around the clock to push updates to make our network as fun as possible. @Artur is our lovely developer, he is on every single day working to make the network perfect. All of our builders are producing high-quality builds for our awesome members.

Our forums is currently getting a new theme so stay tuned.

Do not forget that our administrator applications are open, all you need is a resume/portfolio + be 16 or older. We are also going to be looking for beta testers in the next couple of weeks to test our awesome game modes (we will announce this).

Best Regards,
- MintarGames Management.