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MintarGames News

News Developer Update - 15/08/2018

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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

Within the last few weeks, I have made a return to the Mintar Games community and I have since been working alongside Noodles and SkullDev on a few plugins for the Network. I have had the main focus of fixing bugs in the Spigot Core and implementing some new features within it, as-well as patching some bugs in FFA. I have also been assigned a solo project for Mintar - Factions.

In this update, as a collective - We have applied these changes:

- The Social Menu has been fixed and now works
- The New Hub map has been deployed to the Network
- The New Hub plugin has been deployed to the Network
- The Manager Rank prefix now actually reads "Manager"
- Added Fly, Vanish and Nick commands for Media Ranks
- Fixed Fly Bug in FFA
- Kits have been updated to balance them
- Statistics should be being saved now, however Statistics will be wiped at the end of every season.
- Began working on MintarFactions
- Updated BungeeCord to 1.13 version (This has since fixed...

News We're working hard!

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Now that its summer we are working very hard on getting the server ready to release. We have also opened staff applications so feel free to apply and help out the server!

If you have any questions about how things are going please comment them down below!

More sneak peaks coming soon!
PS: I think we finally stopped bots on the forums.