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MintarGames News

Update Public Alpha (Season #0) Results, Updates and more! - 11/09/2018

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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

As you may be well aware, the public Alpha (Season #0) has now ended and the winners have been awarded their prizes. With VortexHunter being in First place and having won $100 via PayPal; EnchiladaMC having won $45 via PayPal and Hqrvey having won $25 via Buycraft, I am glad to say that season 0 was indeed a success. We have found many bugs and we've had many feature requests, of which we're finding, fixing, implementing and testing as we speak. Today I have compiled a changelog of everything we've worked on over the last few weeks and I can give you a prediction about what you can expect to see in the near-future.

Here's the changelog as of 11/09/2018 at 05:04am:

» We hosted a fund-raiser for one of our Administrators, due to a syndrome that they are currently facing.
» We've updated the Frequently Asked Questions document (FAQ)
» We've updated the network rules section on the forums.
» We've updated our network Terms of Services found on the forums...

News Changes to MintarGames

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Hello everyone!

Today I am going to list all the changes that have happened to MintarGames over the past few months.

1. @RexTheMon resigned from owner to > Sponsor
2. Alex resigned due to personal issues (Manager > Default)
3. @KingCactus1 promoted to Owner
4. @Benjamin Andrews promoted to Head Developer
5. @SkullDev brought in as a developer
6. New forums theme (Still in the works)
7. Server released in ALPHA with top kill rewards.
8. https://mintar.net/stats added
9. New Hub!
10. New gamemode "Captures"!
11. New bungeecore
12. New core
13. Upgraded discord bot (staff)
14. Staff guidelines reworked for the new MintarGames and to fit current conditions.
15. Remade backend punishment plugin
16. Removed Music Forum
17. Website speed fixed and updated
18. Backups taken of website data
19. New Logos
20. New logos added to all sites + twitter + Instagram
21. Buycraft updated
22. Buycraft old icons removed...